technical assistance platform

This is an online platform that accommodate both the public section (the project information portal) and the private section dedicated to the collaboration between the team members and stakeholders

bird’s eye view

If we refer to the technical assistance implementation phase, we can provide professional support for project management. The management, communication and support platform for implementation can be offered by PMC as-a-service for the duration of the project. This means that you don’t have to purchase any licence or software, you only have to let us know that you want to automate the implementation for your European Technical Assistance or Capacity Building project, we will setup your dedicated environment and you are ready to go. This process can be foreseen form the proposal stage and all costs can be included in your backstopping costs. Additionally, for your technical proposal, you can benefit also on the detailed description of the platform and you can include it in the backstopping section of your proposal, thus being able to gain additional evaluation points.

It is obvious that the use of specialised tools and platforms for managing the implementation of a technical assistance or capacity building project also leads to financial advantages. Thus, in the case of a GLOBAL PRICE project, these tools will save a lot of expert-days while the amounts you bill will not depend on the number of expert-days so you will have extra profit margin. For FEE BASED projects, the use of such tools and platforms, in addition to driving the same expert-day economy, will optimise the costs that you will have with the backstopping team and which are included in the daily rate of key and non-key experts, thus increasing the profit margin of the project.

be two steps ahead of the others

  • optimise costs and increase margin
  • collaborate online even during crisis lockdown
  • be transparent and increase trust
  • make the results visible
  • get extra evaluation points
  • take advantage on integrated reporting

a closer look to the main features