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Innovators and tech enthusiasts, this is what we are. Also experienced and forged in battle. Aware of risks and knowing how to deal with them. Hard working and determined to find the best solution at the right price. This is the foundation for delivering on time, on budget and high quality services

Management Consultancy

Having more than 15 years of experience at the highest levels, our team can provide you with the best assistance for starting, growing or reshaping your business. Being aware that technology is crucial nowadays for any business and because technology is in our DNA, we will always advice our clients about the ways in which their business can become more efficient using the tools that fits into the strategy and serve the purpose.

Information Technology

Information technology is now present in all major aspects of our professional life and not only. Technology helps businesses and people to be more efficient and to communicate better and faster, with one condition only – to use the right technology in the right way.

The most important advantage of the technology is that it can integrate processes, data, systems and does not have boundaries allowing the scale-up of any business. Of course, without taking the appropriate measures, technology can hurt that’s why information security is crucial.

But don’t worry, we have the solution for this too. ICT strategy, enterprise systems, integration and master data management, security, software development, CI/CD, cloud based systems, these are the things that we are good at and we offer to our clients.

Innovation Management

Innovation has direct and measurable value when we refer to companies but also has an indirect value to society by contributing to healthy and sustainable economic growth. Continuous innovation is the engine of development in the global economic context.

But everything comes with a cost, the big question about innovation is who can finance it mostly when it comes to startup companies but also for scale-up and mid-caps. We have the right solutions to offer to our clients. Grants, loans, investors, we have a great experience with each of these financing possibilities.

And there is more, we can prepare our clients for such important steps in their business journey. Business plans, evaluation of the level of innovation, networking with innovative partners, connecting with the European R&D and R&I world, these are the components of our value proposition. 

Security and Public Safety

The world is changing fast and not always in a good way. New threats bring  new challenges for businesses as well as for nations and governments. Security and public safety is now some of the major concerns for any organisation either when it comes to a private business or a government authority.

Over the years we gained a valuable experience in advising the Emergency Management bodies in different countries about the most advanced solutions for increasing the preparedness and their capacity to respond.

Emergency calls handling systems (112), public warning systems, disaster management systems, disasters simulators, organisational design of the emergency services, performance evaluation in emergency sector are part of our expertise. 

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