Over the years we led and been involved in many interesting and complex projects on three continents.We always adapted to the specifics and to the culture of the country where we were working and always created strong business connections with the local players. Our experience includes eGovernment in GCC countries, EU funded projects in Europe and Africa, consultancy for public safety in Turkey, leading software delivery for NATO and valuable contributions to EU R&D funded initiatives under H2020.

We are now involved in a number of projects that will produce significant impact on the people’s life and businesses. In the same time we continuously work on and improve our products and services through our internal projects, having always in mind that the ultimate goal is to bring value, to support people and to help businesses to become more efficient and resilient. Here are the most challenging and complex projects that we currently carry on.

eID Implementation in Kosovo

eID will improve the lives of individuals and the functioning of society by providing a more secure, efficient, and convenient way to access services and participate in civic life. We lead the delivery a complex and complete platform allowing the citizens of Kosovo to access the eGovernment services and to benefit on the electronic signature advantages. Businesses will be allowed to use electronic signature and electronic seal as well as to extend their online presence by integrating the features of the eID platform.

Better eGovernment in Serbia

Working together with outstanding ISO experts, we will deploy our Technical Assistance platform and the Compliance platform in order to support the certification of the Office for IT and eGovernment of Serbia for ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 and for assessing other 91 public administration institutions against the compliance with these standards.

Design the 112 system in Serbia

EU is supporting Serbia in meeting EU standards of safety and security through creating necessary preconditions for the functional establishment of the 112 Emergency Call Number. The project aims to provide the most effective recommendations for introduction of an emergency system 112 in Serbia.

Crisis and Resilience simulation

Using simulations and obtaining the best possible Standard Operating Procedures as input for the overall resilience and impact assessment we aim to offer a complete view on the response to potential major crisis situations as grounds for increasing preparedness and resilience through the actual implementation of the measures tested within the platform

Digital SME

The COVID-19 crisis will pass eventually but the challenges for SMEs will stay for some time. Make no mistakes! This crisis is not the last one! The key of growth and resilience in the future is the digital transformation. From capturing the leads to the final invoice paid by your customers, we develop and integrate the most cost effective components to bring your business into digital era.