We add value to international consultancy, technical assistance projects by covering the whole life cycle of the projects with our expertise and products

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More than 50 projects in many countries, on two continents. That’s our experience in the last years with technical assistance, capacity building and consultancy projects.

We delivered thousands of expert-days, we created tailored systems for our beneficiaries but, above all, we are now in the position to bring value into projects of this kind. We are the right partner to join forces for successful implementations.

Our goal is to increase the value of the implementations and and to bring in innovative ways to carry on the activities. What we will not do is body-shopping and we don’t do this for three main reasons, we are not a recruiting company and, probably the most important one, most of the beneficiaries are more and more aware that this way of doing “consultancy” is not the right one, the expected results are often far below the expectations.

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