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We are a consultancy and tech company having extensive experience in multinational environments. From the beginning of our journey we built and managed international organisations. We can deliver in different countries in Europe and not only and for important international clients.

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To give you the opportunity to be successful and the freedom to express your creativity while remaining effective, efficient and in full compliance

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Committed to work side by side with you and assist you whenever you want to grow your business or to size your company as the business requires

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We believe in genuine human values as the grounds for any business collaboration and we create success and reputation for our customers

June 2023

Integrate and Automate with Azure

This would be one of the best options when you need to collect structured and un-structured data from various sources to create dashboards and reports. We will use Azure Synapse Analytics, Power Automate and some other Azure services and we will get your data in Azure Data Lake. Power BI will be used to visualise the data … and the whole process will be dynamically and automatic. 


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March 2023


We started a new and challenging journey. It is a great honour for our experts to lead the implementation of the eID platform in Kosovo. eID will improve the lives of individuals and the functioning of society by providing a more secure, efficient, and convenient way to access services and participate in civic life. We have a great way ahead and we are confident that will be a successful implementation.

January 2023

Develop on HubSpot

Now we can assist you to build on HubSpot. Ask us not only about CRM, but also about Service Management, CMS and dynamic websites embedding React applications, serverless development and professional HubL custom modules.

Adding strong 2FA and paswordless authentication will make things even more interesting!  And if you need SSO to improve your client’s UX, even better … we can do that too!

February 2023


We assisted a team of experienced team of ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 experts to accomplish the certification and assessment of 90+ public administration institutions in Serbia. We deployed our technical assistance platform to connect online all stakeholders and (together with our partners from PRIMED) we will implemented the compliance platform to make the work more efficient and effective.
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September 2022


The journey came to the end. It was a challenge for us and we are happy that we delivered the full set of recommendations for building the future Serbian 112 system as one of the most advanced systems. We covered six functional areas (LEGAL, ORGANISATION, WORK ENVIRONMENT, PUBLIC AWARENESS, PUBLIC WARNING and ICT) and provided the right tools for monitoring the future implementation and for increasing the preparedness for 112 operations.


You feel that your organisation does not function well. Or you want to make a change. Or new regulations will be in place soon and yo need to adapt. Or you want to see how long can you stand and face a crisis. You can always let it be, simply go with the wind and see what happens. Or you can connect the dots into a CONNECTED PERSPECTIVE on the organisation, see where you are, set where you want to be and get the road ahead.

The most important advantage of the technology is that it can integrate processes, data, systems and does not have boundaries allowing the scale-up of any business. ICT strategy, enterprise systems, integration and master data management, security, software development, CI/CD, cloud based systems, these are the things that we are good at and we offer to our clients.

Over the years we gained a valuable experience in advising the Emergency Management bodies in different countries. Emergency calls handling systems (112), public warning systems, disaster management systems, disasters simulators, organisational design of the emergency services, performance evaluation in emergency sector are part of our expertise

A perfect online environment for international experts engaged in EU funded technical assistance or capacity building projects, for collaborating with the stakeholders and for reporting to the representatives of the EC. It is not a shared drive, or a document management repository, it is a platform containing the public section and the private section dedicated to the team members

Grants, loans, investors, we have a great experience with each of these financing possibilities. And there is more, we can prepare our clients for such important steps in their business journey. Business plans, evaluation of the level of innovation, networking with innovative partners, connecting with the European R&D and R&I world, these are the components of our value proposition.

ASPEN (Advanced Security Processing ENgine) leverages Big Data technologies to deliver real-time threat intelligence, forensics and incident response capabilities. We bring in new approach since we believe that, before spending for securing the IT systems, any company must be aware of the threats. That’s why we offer CYBER AWARENESS, FREE OF CHARGE.

Because your business is a journey and each journey is different, we offer the most flexible solution to make it efficient. We can make you go digital! The beauty of the solution is that you don’t have to buy it all. We can hook into your business and we can take it from there. You can select only what you need, depending on the phase in which your business is and depending on your objectives.

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