security and public safety by pmc

The world is changing fast and not always in a good way. New threats challenges businesses as well as nations and governments.

bird’s eye view

Security, and public safety are now some of the major concerns for any organisation either when it comes to a private business or a government authority. Having a deep knowledge of the market needs and proven results in this area, our team can bring important value to our clients in this highly sensitive domain. We can provide our customers with highly professional consultancy services, either when it comes to businesses and organisations which are the users and beneficiaries of such systems or when it comes to businesses acting as providers, manufacturers or suppliers of such systems.

  • Security strategies and analysis
  • security planning
  • border control
  • crisis and emergency response
  • cyber security
  • ground and air surveillance

team certifications

  • National Resources Strategy (NDU, USA)
  • Security and Governance (NDU, RO)

if you wonder what we achieved

  • advice crisis management authorities in several countries
  • lead 112 emergency calls handling systems
  • design disaster simulators
  • develop standard operating procedures
  • contribute to eCall EU R&D initiative
  • contribute to NG emergency services EU R&D initiative

what are we good at

  • organisational design for emergency services
  • legal framework assessment
  • design facilities for emergency services
  • design the ESINet for emergency services
  • design CAD and disaster management IT systems
  • design and provide public warning systems
  • developing public awareness campaigns
  • design information security for emergency services
  • design digital radio communications for emergency services