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cyber security by pmc

With cyber-attacks on the rise, companies are transforming their approach to security monitoring from reactive, towards intelligence-driven security. We can help you empower your security teams, and your business to perform better in the digital world with a Next-Generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform and Security Operations Centre (SOC).

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We work together with many organisations to optimise and improve their cyber security using real-time threat intelligence and our Security Operations Centre (SOC) services, provided by experienced analysts and security practitioners in the area of threat prevention. We combine ASPEN (a next generation SIEM platform) with its SOC services to a solution that addresses the widest spectrum of internal and external threats organisations face today. We strongly believe that, before asking our potential clients to purchase our solution, the companies shall be aware of what is happening with their systems. For this reason we start our collaboration with offering FREE CYBER AWARENESS services to our potential future clients. The next step will be the System Analysis. Based on the cyber awareness data we are able to weaknesses and offer recommendations. During this stage we will test your systems to the limits by performing Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. The end of this stage will be the System Dimensioning and Planning. Going further, we will deploy and put in operation the ASPEN platform. That’s Implementation and Go-Live. In the same time we setup the SOC services that will further Monitor the situations. The transfer of knowledge is one of the most important activities that we perform during the implementation and, further, during the SOC services period. Our goal is to empower your security teams to be able to react to potential threats. You don’t have a security team? No problem, our SOC team will be your security team. And, don’t forget, everything starts with awareness which we offer for free.

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For the free cyber awareness services we need your minimum involvement because we need to install the traps. This is what we need from you:

we believe in partnerships

Yes, that’s our business philosophy, partnerships. We will be the partners of our clients in their quest for a sustainable business which, definitely means a safe and secure IT system. But is much more than this!!! Although the technology allows us to monitor the systems from any SOC that we operate around the world, we believe that it is much better to be close to our clients. That’s why we always look for business and technology partners in the countries/regions were we deploy ASPEN, together with them we establish the local SOC. If you believe that you are such potential business partner, drop us a message.

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